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Michael akkawi

Property Developer

This is the blog of Michael Akkawi, a successful property investor and property developer. This blog will cover a range of topics that relate to Akkawi’s professional interests, which range from property development and investing to architecture and entrepreneurship.

Property Industry Developments

With the latest and most up-to-date news from the property industry, this blog will take a look at predictions from the property market, as well as other relevant developments in the industry. From a property development standpoint, this blog will explore the news stories that will most affect those working in the industry, such as the boom in the housing market that has been predicted by the Australian bank Westpac.

World Class Architecture

Luxury Interior Design

Cutting-Edge Design

Architecture is both a personal and professional passion for Michael Akkawi, who aims to develop properties that are both beautiful and considered art. With a strong interest in world-class architecture and luxury interior design – and an overall sense of quality and attention-to-detail – Akkawi’s love of architecture will be clearly expressed.
HomeBuilder scheme

Other News

Other news stories discussed will include the marked increase in buyer demand in the outer suburbs and the HomeBuilder scheme, which has been introduced by the Australian government to jumpstart the economy with $25,000 grants for new homes and major renovations. Other developments that will be explored include the prediction that rental growth will remain subdued throughout 2020 and into 2021, and how the property market is bracing for the collapse of the international student population.


Creation of a net-zero home

One of the topics that is of particular interest to Akkawi is the net-zero home. Therefore, this blog will share the most interesting information and developments that relate to the design and creation of a net-zero home. Net-zero homes are designed to generate the same amount of electricity on-site that the property will consume, meaning that any energy used by the property is eventually returned to the grid to create a ‘net-zero’ building.

Property development