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Michael Akkawi

Michael Akkawi is a successful property developer and investor who has many years of experience working across the property industry. As a property developer, Akkawi’s mission is to address the housing shortage by developing unique lifestyle projects that deliver high-quality accommodation to the market.

Michael Akkawi


Akkawi is a motivated and determined property developer
Akkawi is renowned for his determination and positivity, regularly taking on challenges to achieve the desired outcome. While his areas of expertise include investments and acquisitions, proptech and fintech, and insurance and construction, he also has a deep interest in architecture and design. In his professional life, Akkawi aims to create beauty and art from the properties he develops, with a strong focus on cutting-edge architecture, luxurious interior design, and the highest quality throughout.

Property Developer & Entrepreneur

Genuine passion for property, design and architecture.

As a property developer, Akkawi brings great attention to detail to every aspect of his projects, which is driven by his genuine passion for property, design and architecture. Akkawi’s personal and professional interests are interwoven, and his hobbies include working on architectural and interior design schemes, as well as further expanding his knowledge of property investment and development. He also enjoys visiting sites of architectural beauty whenever he can.

As an entrepreneur, Micheal Akkawi has focused his energy on the property industry, building a business from the ground up. He has no formal education or qualifications related to the property industry, having started his career in construction and property as a brickies labourer. As a businessman and CEO, Akkawi is known for his excellent leadership skills, which have been instrumental in building an excellent team of people in his business.


Having found success in the world of business and property, Akkawi has established the Australian charity The Victoria Cross Foundation, to which he donates on a regular basis a portion of all projects.
Amongst Akkawi’s greatest professional achievements is the development of a world-class resort on a golf course, which was designed to include all of the mod-cons and luxury details imaginable. Akkawi is a motivated and determined property developer, who prides himself on his ability to overcome any obstacle or challenge that he is presented with. His success can be attributed to his positive ‘can-do’ attitude, and he will happily do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and find success.